Frequently Asked Questions

What method of training is best for my dog?

Since every dog is different, there is no "one size fits all" approach to training. Tim is certified and experienced in all methods of dog training. As part of his approach to training, Tim creates a customized program based upon the needs of your dog and your goals as a dog owner.

Do you think my dog is too old for training?

Every day can be an opportunity for dogs of all ages to learn something new. Training helps your dog become more confident, happy and predictable.

My dog is behaving badly. Is this just a phase?

It is our responsibility as dog owners to understand what concerns our dogs and to teach them right from wrong so unwanted behavior does not escalate as the dog matures.

What is the difference between been taking my dog to a group training class and in-home training?

The sight, sound and/or scent of several dogs in a group class, as well as the class setting itself, can be too distracting for your dog. The distractions of a group class can also make it difficult for you to focus on your dog and listen to an instructor.

You will receive more value with in-home training. This is effective because it promotes learning within the surroundings where your dog eats, sleeps, runs, plays....lives everyday! Tim Miller Dog Training offers appointments to suit your schedule, provides individual instruction for you and your dog and answers your specific questions.

How often are training sessions?

Training sessions are typically once a week, which allows time between sessions for you to practice new skills with your dog. A behavior problem, such as aggression; however, may require several daily sessions within a week's time. Please contact Tim or click here for a free in-home evaluation of your dog.

Will I need to train my dog in between our sessions?

Yes. Your dog's success is contingent upon your commitment to training him or her on a daily basis. Practicing routinely with your dog reinforces new skills and can help to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

May other members of my family participate during the training session(s)?

Yes, everyone is invited! Your dog will find it much easier to learn if family members are involved and consistent with the training method.

Where does the training take place?

For your convenience, training occurs in and around your home. Generally, training in your home, backyard or neighborhood are optimal settings in which your dog can learn.

Do I need to continue training my dog after all of the sessions are complete?

Yes. Every day is a training day! Training should not be a chore. Teaching your dog should be a mutually rewarding and fun experience. Each day allows for plenty of opportunity to train your pet inside or outside of your home.

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