"Tim Miller is a professional trainer of dogs & people! He is patient, clear, and keeps it simple. He goes above & beyond and most importantly develops trust with his four and two legged clients!"

Teaneck, NJ

"After struggling for a long period of time trying to housebreak our new puppy Nikki, we had come to a point where we had almost given up hope and realized we needed to seek professional help if we were ever going to reach success.

Thankfully, we found your services and were frankly amazed how you were able to "immediately" change our situation for the better.

"Tim's professionalism and patience coupled with a tailored plan to meet our puppy's needs have made her a better behaved and more enjoyable part of the family. Lindsey says that she misses her weekly "play dates" with Tim."

Washington Township, NJ

all of us. What you gave us is a common sense approach to training our dog. If you were here now Jack would be giving you a "high five" for your efforts. We'll continue the training as Jack gets better every day."

Thanks from all of us,
Tom & the Gang
Old Tappan, NJ
"We all enjoyed working with you while training Jack. It was obvious from the start that your approach would be very successful with Jack. We are delighted to now have a dog that listens to what we say, for the most part. Your visits were fun for

"Tim was very patient in several ways. First in assisting me and my 9 year old in the training of a very stubborn bulldog. His suggestions in helping us work with our dog were tried & true. He taught us some new techniques we hadn't worked with in the past with other trainers. Thanks Tim for all your efforts. Much appreciated!"

Montvale, NJ

"Our family was overwhelmed with the care and training of our puppy, Jack. Tim's sessions and instructions on training Jack were outstanding. He worked very well with our entire family. Tim was very thorough and clear. He was very patient in teaching my daughters (9 & 12 years old) how to correctly work with Jack. We would highly recommend his services to any dog owners."

Hillsdale, NJ

You not only gave us the tools and knowledge we needed to succeed at housebreaking Nikki but you also helped us to improve interactions with our 10 year old Maltese Nina, while building a new foundation for us to work together with our pets at improving all of our lives.

The process was fun and informative and the positive changes we continue to experience just keep getting better every day.

Your kind demeanor, deep knowledge and amazingly effective approach to training have given us a complete respect for the art of dog training and we simply cannot say enough about how happy we are with the outcome."

Sincere thanks,

Lisa, Joe, Nikki and Nina
Hillsdale, NJ

"Tim has done a terrific job with Riley! Before Tim came to the rescue, Riley was an overly-enthusiastic 80 pound Lab puppy who didn't know her own strength. In fact, Riley thought she was a lap dog! Tim's gentle, loving manner helped Riley to control her impulses and channel her energy into productive exercise for all of us. Tim has done wonders with Riley! We can't say enough positive things about Tim and his training style. We highly recommend him."

Many thanks from all of us-

Ralph, Andrea, Victoria and Kimberly
Rivervale, NJ

"Being first-time puppy parents, Tim helped train not only our puppy, but us, as well. His philosophy of positive reinforcement provided us with an approach to training Simo in which we could both feel comfortable and confident. Overall, we feel that the knowledge and training skills Tim offered helped to get Simo off to an excellent start."

Amanda & Gabe
Waldwick, NJ

"The training was phenomenal and Duncan is such a better dog because of Tim. When we rescued Duncan, we were apprehensive about getting a trainer. I am so glad we chose Tim and as a whole, private training sessions. Duncan now walks off leash, he is friendly with other dogs and listens to ALL of our commands. Thanks Tim!"

Suzanne & Vic
Carlstadt, NJ

"We really enjoyed working with Tim. He was friendly, patient, insightful and always prepared with new ways to work with Mango. We have seen a lot of progress in her behavior, especially in getting her to jump on people less and getting her to drop things that she steals (socks, stuffed animals) without growling or snapping. Overall it was a great experience."

Nadine, Jack & Family
Ridgewood, NJ

"It was obvious from the first day of training that Tim has a great understanding & love for dogs. In addition to his calm demeanor, Tim's training exercises were based on rewarding and encouraging our puppy Bruno. This made the process of training a relaxing and fun experience for both ourselves & our puppy. The responses from Bruno were instantaneous and the progress was remarkable. We would highly recommend Tim to anyone interested in a happy and well-behaved dog. Thanks for everything, Tim."

Steve & Cassie
New Milford, NJ

"Tim presented all of the material needed for basic obedience for our puppy. Our puppy was a different puppy when we were finished training with Tim. He addressed any extra problems that we had and always had a few suggestions for us to try. He always took the time needed in order to properly address our problems. We would recommend Tim to anyone in a heartbeat because of how helpful he was."

Lisa & John
Westwood, NJ

"We were extremely satisfied with our Labrador, Tyler's, training sessions with Tim. In just a few lessons, Tyler was walking without the excessive lunging and barking at other dogs that had become a real problem. And Tim gave us many other exercises and tips that helped tremendously with Tyler's behavior. Tim was extremely organized with lessons and handouts and always responsive between lessons to answer questions and deal with any problems. We were very pleased that our work schedules were easily accommodated to schedule the lessons. And Tyler and the two of us thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with Tim. It was also fun!! Thank you! It was great."

Martha & Jeff
Ramsey, NJ

"We adopted Mattie in November 2010 and her non-stop barking and not listening were a problem. After a few months, we knew we had to do something. By the end of the lessons, the 2 goals I set out to accomplish were achieved with your lessons. Your method of training really works and as a result Mattie now listens and her barking is under control. We are very pleased with the results achieved from your lessons and will definitely recommend you to others."


Maureen & George
Emerson, NJ

"Tim - we want to thank you so much for all of the help and guidance you gave us with Reggie. Your positive and loving approach to training has really worked! And you made it fun for all of us! We had him fully groomed last week and the groomer said she noticed a big improvements. We are enjoying him so much - he loves to play and is very affectionate (no more Band Aids!)."


Mark, Diane, Nicole
Park Ridge, NJ

"I will highly recommend Tim Miller Dog Training. The sessions, including all of the extra training tips, were invaluable. Spencer is a much more well-behaved puppy since working with you. The information you gave me and the ways you explained how to implement the training made it easy to review with the rest of my family so we could all be a part of training our puppy. Spencer enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you!"

Rivervale, NJ

Tim has been an indispensable guide and resource in helping us smoothly integrate our Golden Retriever puppy, Nella, into our home and family life.

From showing us how to train Nella to respond to basic commands to analyzing and devising effective approaches to the behavioral challenges of a very "mouthy" Retriever, Tim has provided uncommon insight, patience, humor, and encouragement as we have navigated the joys and occasional trials of raising a puppy.
Most importantly, he has gone above and beyond in assessing our house to identify and address potential hazards, recommending types of toys best suited to Nella's breed and temperament, and showing family members of all ages how to interact with her. Tim takes the time not only to model training techniques but to explain the underlying rationales.

Now that Nella is older, we have relied on Tim for his "Walk and Train" service while we travel, and have been able to enjoy our time away secure in the knowledge that Nella is in good hands, and have returned to find her happy and well.

We were fortunate to find Tim through a friend's recommendation, and we heartily offer this recommendation to others who want to ensure that their years with their dog are as happy and enjoyable as possible.

Sandy & Tom
Hawthorne, NJ

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