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Are you going on vacation and can't take the family pet with you? Is your work schedule too busy to devote the desired time for your dog's walks and training? Is the pet sitter booked or hurrying your dog along in order to make the next appointment? Does a health issue limit your ability to exercise and train your four-legged friend? The Walk & Train Program may be the answer to your needs.

The Walk & Train Program provides your dog with daily exercise as well as training under the safety, supervision and expertise of a certified dog trainer. Your dog will be trained under a variety of everyday situations while benefiting from both mental and physical exercise.

The training program is tailored to address your dog's specific obedience needs. Whether your dog is fearful of bicycles, runs after small animals or barks at the mail carrier, Tim Miller Dog Training is devoted to your dog's success!

Your dog will eagerly await the next training session! For your convenience, appointments can be scheduled during the day, evening or weekends. Call today to schedule your dog's Walk & Train Program. Your dog will thank you for it!

"Tim, thank you so much for all you've done for Murphy. Your training sessions were always a positive experience. Your Walk & Train Program not only reinforced what you were teaching him but gave us peace of mind that he was being well taken care of when we weren't able to be home. It was not only a learning experience for Murphy but for our whole family as well."

-Gail & Mark/Park Ridge, NJ

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