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Walk & Train Program

Busy lives and schedules can often lead to canine family members creating their own fun around the home. If you’re short on time, Tim’s Walk & Train Program is a great option. Tim Miller combines years of experience with flexible scheduling to help meet your needs.

Tim can help if you have a health issue that prevents you from training your dog as often as you'd like, or if your dog needs to fine-tune some obedience skills. Training with Tim Miller is the way to a well-behaved and happier pet.

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The Walk & Train Program concentrates on improving obedience skills, loose leash walking, and/or resolving behavioral issues. Your dog will be trained and exercised in your home, yard, or neighborhood in a variety of everyday situations. Tim can help address issues such as:

  • Pulling on Leash
  • Jumping on Furniture & Counters
  • Greeting Guests Exuberantly
  • Running Out Doors & Off Property
  • Barking Excessively
  • Chasing Traffic or Wildlife
  • Fearing Household Objects
  • Socializing with Dogs & Strangers

The Walk & Train Program is customized to meet your dog's individual needs and skill level. Considering each dog learns at a different pace, the program's duration can vary. Meeting with Tim on a regular basis to review your dog’s new skills and progress is encouraged. Owner participation is a key component to your dog’s success.

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