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Convenience & Flexibility

Busy lives and schedules can often lead to canine family members creating their own mischief and undesirable behaviors around the home. Tim Miller combines years of experience with flexible scheduling to help remedy those undesirable behaviors.

If your dog needs some fine-tuning with certain behaviors, obedience skills or loose leash walking, Tim can create a specific program for your dog. Programs focus on meeting your dog’s individual needs at home, in the yard or neighborhood.

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Tim can help resolve issues such as:

  • Pulling on Leash
  • Jumping on Furniture & Counters
  • Greeting Guests Exuberantly
  • Running Out Doors & Off Property
  • Barking Excessively
  • Chasing Traffic or Wildlife
  • Fearing Household Objects
  • Socializing with Dogs & Strangers

Training with Tim Miller is the way to a well-behaved and happier pet. Contact Tim today for your dog’s customized training program!

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